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Seas of Revolution: The Untold Diary of Christopher Hawkins

By Emily Ross

& Christopher Hawkins

Step back in time to the heart-pounding era of the American Revolution with “Seas of Revolution: The Untold Diary of Christopher Hawkins.” In this captivating historical novel, follow the daring escapades of a young and audacious figure, Christopher Hawkins, who at the tender age of 13, embarks on a remarkable journey as a privateer – a sanctioned pirate for the American cause.


Unearthed from his very own diary, witness the thrilling tales of high-seas adventure as Hawkins and his fellow privateers plunder British vessels, seizing their coveted gold amidst the raging war. Among the backdrop of fierce battles and close encounters with British forces, this reimagined tale unveils a young hero who defied all odds, cunningly evading capture on multiple occasions.


As Christopher's enthralling narrative unfolds, readers will be gripped by his resilience and tenacity as he faces the horrors of imprisonment on the infamous prison ship Jersey. Experience the harrowing moments as he orchestrates a daring escape, slipping into the treacherous waters under the cover of darkness.


“Seas of Revolution: The Untold Diary of Christopher Hawkins” offers a captivating glimpse into the life of an unsung hero, whose gripping memoirs of courage and daring paint a vivid picture of the American Revolution. Prepare to be transported to a bygone era, where history and fiction intertwine, breathing life into the extraordinary adventures of Christopher Hawkins.

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